Tower Bridge Opening - taken from London Bridge

12 Pictures from around London Bridge, Tooley Street and Shard Area

London Bridge  forms part of an area historically known as the Pool of London, which is part of the Thames stretching between London Bridge and  Tower Bridge.

The area has enjoyed a prominent position in the story of London’s development as London Bridge was the first bridge built across the Thames by the Romans while London Bridge Station was central London’s first railway terminus.

The area has been extensively re-generated in recent years and many of the old sites have disappeared. From the photographic perspective you get quite a big variation between the scenic river views and the darker side of London’s history especially with the London Dungeons and the railway arches.

The Shard (also referred to as the Shard of Glass), is a skyscraper standing 309.6 metres (1,016 ft) high, is the tallest completed building in Europe, and was oped in July 2012. Its not the easiest to photo on its own, but hard to avoid if taking pictures from the north side of the river.

The Shard was designed in 2000 by Renzo Piano, an Italian architect best known for creating Paris’s Pompidou Centre in collaboration with Britain’s Richard Rogers.

Map London Bridge and the Shard Building
Map London Bridge and the Shard Building

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