Dome and city from Victoria docks

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Expressing London Visually

Dome and Docklands from Victoria Docks

‘Photography is a great way of feeling, touching and loving London. What you have captured in the camera is captured forever – it remembers the little things even when  you think you have forgotten everything.’

This  site  is about finding different ways to communicate, capture  and express London visually, and should help anyone who wants to photograph London, but who may be unfamiliar with it layout or landmarks.

Each posts looks at a specific London landmark, location  or themes and will generally contains a photo gallery, a location map and some relevant  information  such as its history, the best time to visit and other relevant facts. These are the parts of London that will be covered:-

  • Central London
  • The City of London
  • West London
  • East London
  • Other London Areas
  • Events and London Themes

However, the blog is part of a series of ideas on how to express London visually and so it is likely to evolve and use other medium such as eBooks and video.

Note !!!  You can now download my  free copy of ‘London Views for Marathon Shoes’ from iBooks and Google Play. This is a 100 page ePub book that shows sites that are close to the route of the London Marathon. This is a fund raising book for Children with Cancer UK  – so please donate if you can.

Feedback on what you found useful or would like to see covered in future post is always welcome so please feel free to contact me.


Think of London as the ingredients, these blog posts the menu, the camera the cook, the maps/ routes the recipe, and your photographs the finished dish.

I hope you enjoy this site.


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