Armed Police Guard and Royal Coach - Royal Wedding 2011

12 Police on Ceremonial Duties in London

This post focuses on photographing the Police as they perform their ceremonial duties at the various Royal. These photographs are from the Royal Wedding in 2011, the Trooping of the Colour, the State Opening of Parliament, and the Queens Diamond Jubilee procession in 2012. Photographing these types of events takes planning and timing. It is best to arrive very early so that you have the freedom to move around or to trace the route in order to find the best spot. I normally try to find somewhere that has a good backdrop, has the sun behind me and were there is a variety of action taking place in terms of set up activities. Since you can be in the same place for 2-3 hours waiting for the main event to pass you, it is worth having something like the police to photographs to occupy your mind and to make the time pass by.

Note on the Police

The police have a responsibility to provide security for these events, but they try to do it a way that compliments the ceremonies and adds to the spectacle.

There are a range of police duties that are great subjects to photograph such as the officers that line the route, the armed protection officers and the mounted police.

The Mounted Officer’s have about 120 horse which are used for a wide range of tasks including escorting Royalty, taking part in ceremonial military movements, and marshalling tourists wishing to see the daily Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. These duties are performed to the most exact timing as the slightest deviation from the plans can be disastrous for a procession of several hundred marching soldiers accompanied by Cavalry and Coaches.

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