12 Images Part 2 – Across London Photo Route. ExCel Centre towards Canning Town/East India

The second part of this photo route goes from the ExCel centre towards Canning Town and East India. The beginning and end of the tour have the most photographic interest, as the middle section is being developed, and is along the roadside.. A morning on a sunny day is the best time to do this part of the route.

Before you begin this journey, there is a detour that you can make along the river side of the ExCel heading towards London City Airport. This can give you additional viewpoints of the docks and the south side of water towards old Millennium Mill.

The first part of the route along the dockside provides a good and varied photographic landscape which ends with some great views toward the Millennium Dome (O2 Arena), and Docklands. The middle section in contrast is almost devoid of photographic interest, as it goes by the roadside and near some construction sites. You can avoid this part of the route by taking a short cut via the DLR at Victoria Docks and then go two stations west to East India. Here you can double back to the bridge and go up to the middle to view Docklands and the O2 Arena

At the roundabout at the end of Victoria Docks, you want to go on Tidal Basin Road, and at the next roundabout go over the River Lee Crossing (A1020). Use the south side of the road as this gives you some view over the river. This is a busy road with a lot of construction work for the CrossRail project, but it does get a bit better as you get to the top of the bridge. Here you can see the river and the O2 Arena and as you go down the bridge, you get great views of Docklands and the river. When you reach the bottom, turn left onto Orchard Place to start part 3 of this route.

route part_1_2 map
route part_1_2 map

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