15 London Runs and Photo Routes – Trailer

This 57-second video is a trailer for a series of 15 London Runs that I created for central London on my sister site Londonruns.com

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London Runs  – Maps and Overview

These  YouTube London runs have been designed to help you get to know Central  London quickly and easily by showing you the best Central London shopping routes, London sightseeing routes and London Nightlife routes.

These hyper-lapse videos show you London at speed – as if you were the fastest man in the world – or my Whippet. However, you can go at your pace as they are primarily intended to help you explore and navigate around the city in an informed way.

 For some of the shopping, sightseeing and nightlife routes, the time of day will dictate whether you can run the route as most places in London quickly get crowded. However, you should be able to run most of the routes in the early morning -(especially on the weekends), although you still have to be very careful of traffic, and other pedestrians. Here are the cover images for each video.

Completed Central London Runs

This first set of ‘London Runs’ concentrates on Central London, and the shopping, sightseeing and nightlife routes within it. The length of each run is between 1 and 3.5 Km, but many can be combined to produce a longer run – see examples below.

The ‘metro’ style overview map shows how the routes are connected and the direction of travel. All the route are available on Youtube and placed into playlist based on their category.  See my YouTube Channel for more run route playlists

Route 1 and 2 or 1 and 5 for 5 Km Westminster Riverside Running Route

Route 1+2+3  for a 6.4 Km Westminster Riverside Running Route

Route 9+10+7+6 for a 5Km Shopping Run

Route 6+8+9+10+7 for a 6.2 Km Shopping Run

Route 12+11 for a 3 Km Nightlife Run

Route 1+15 for a 4.2Km Run Around Camden.

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