80 London Views for Marathon Shoes – Free E-Book

London Runs and Photo Routes – London Views for Marathon Shoes

Please go to this web page to download your copy https://www.londonphotoroutes.co.uk/digital-books

This post has a link to a free ebook!! – examples of which are shown in the gallery

The ebook contains over 80 different landmarks situated along the 26-mile route from Greenwich to Buckingham Palace in Central London together with maps, descriptions and some additional information

This famous 26-mile route is presented in several stages for you to enjoy at your own pace.  Each one is about 5 miles long, and contains a selection of sites on or nearby the marathon route. 

Visit your iTunes/ iBook or Google Play application on your phone, tablet or computer and search for ‘London Views for Marathon Shoes’ – This is free to download, but you will need to have an account set up. The document is about 78MB in size as it includes photographs video and sound files  – so it may take a minute to download. There is also a compact version at 30Mb without a video.(*Note- the Google Play download is slightly different in that the links don’t work  )

These London Runs and Photo Routes are a great way of getting to know London, for seeing London’s best sights, and for photographing London.
By doing this London photo early in the morning, you can get to know London quickly and see it at its best – all for free.
For a more detail  visit www.Londonruns.com or www.londonphotoroutes.co.uk

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