13 Images of Tower Bridge – Bermondsey side


This area goes from Tower Bridge on the south side and travels east towards the Design Museum and Saviour’s Dock mainly along the river.

This area was a shipping wharf containing huge warehouses such as Butler’s Wharf. These warehouses complex were used to accommodate goods unloaded from ships using the port of London. It contained what was reputedly the largest tea warehouse in the world. During the 20th century, Butler’s Wharf and other warehouses in the area fell into disuse but has been developed into luxury housing and restaurants.

There are a lot of things to photograph such as alleyway, the river, sculptures, buildings and Tower Bridge – many from a number of viewpoints. It’s best to head from Tower Bridge along the Shad Thames and then turn up one of the alleyways on the left towards the river. On a sunny morning, it is best to go beyond Saviour’s dock and then work backwards

The best time to visit for photography is morning and late afternoon/evening, as this provides the best light and the area is usually in the sunshine. The exception to this is in winter,  as the sun rise further south and is at a low angle.

Photos  © 2010 Philip Carey

Bermondsey Tower Bridge map
Bermondsey Tower Bridge map