Nelsons Column -with St Martins in the Field Church and 4th Plinth

12 Different views of Nelsons Column – Trafalgar Square

Nelson’s Column commemorates Lord Nelson’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1812,  and  the 44 meter high column was erected in 1843 . The bronze reliefs at the bottom were made from cannon captures in Nelson’s battles. The four 6 meter Lions that guard the statue were designed by Landseer.

For this post I have focused on one of the  iconic London landmark  within  the heart of Trafalgar Square Nelson’s Column.

I have mainly focused in on the column itself rather than the lions at its base to show the different angles and types of shots that can be taken. Nelson’s  faces west so he profile is only in full  sun from late morning.

Photos  © 2010 Philip Carey

nelson column map
NelsonColumn map