Waiting - House Hold Calvary Band on Mall

20 Images of the Household Cavalry Standards Parade, Horse Guards Parade 28 May 2014

This Blog reports the event in pictures from my vantage point near the Mall – London on a damp morning.

Great event and very lucky to catch it!

The text below is taken from the Regiments website which describes the event in more detail
28th May 2014 Time: 11:00 – 12:15

Regimental Standards are the symbols of the spirit of the two Regiments, The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals. They bear the battle honours granted in commemoration of gallant deeds performed by members of both Regiments from the time they were raised and are carried by the regiment when mounted on parade. The first ceremonial presentation of Standards to the Household Cavalry was made by King George V in 1927, and it is the practice for each of the two Regiments to receive one Sovereign and three Squadron (or Union) Standards every ten years.
The parade sees both roles of the Household Cavalry on display, with the horses of the Mounted Regiment alongside the armoured vehicles of the Operational Regiment. While the stands on Horse Guards Parade will be filled with the families and friends of the Regiment, it will be possible to see the regiment in all of it’s splendour along the Mall and around Buckingham Palace.

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