Winter - Regents Park

12 Seasonal Pictures of London

On the face of it, London cityscapes doesn’t seem to change much with the seasons. What you do notice is the variation in the amount of  daylight and its intensity. In winter for example the amount of daylight is very  short and of low intensity which can often cause your pictures to blur, but on the plus side you do see the sunrise and set which can provide great photographic opportunities.

The seasons are much more noticeable in London’s parks and gardens and they are well worth re-visiting  several times a year as there is usually something new to see and do. Spring and autumn are my favorite times but summer and winter also have their own rewards. An additional advantage in winter is that the trees are bare and this allows you to see the sites more clearly.

I have posted 12 photos that cover all the seasons but i will also post others in later months  that focus on a particular season. Many of these shots were taken in Kew Gardens and Regents Park – which usually provide wonderful photographic scenes.

Photos  © Philip Carey 2010