Financial Center from Marsh Wall

Part 4 Across London Tour – South Dock to Canary Wharf

Previous Route  (Part 2) – ExCel to Canning Town Area – Link        and Part 3 – Across London – Canning Town to South Dock

This part of the tour goes through the heart of London’s second financial district and is a mixture of architecture, docks,sculptures and green space which all help make this a great place to visit, and photograph. There are also lots of places to eat, drink and to shop –  should you wish to do so.

I have covered some of these areas in earlier posts such as:-

  • Canary Wharf and will cover other routes around this area in future months

The routes starts from the drawbridge at the South Dock Entrance with views across to the O2 Arena (Millennium Dome). Note – this route  is best done in the morning with the sun behind you.

Immediately after the bridge, there is a path off Glen Terrace that takes you by the dock side and then out into the main part of South Dock.  This will provide you with great shots of the financial centre with the dock, water and boats in the foreground. Occasionally there can be quite sizeable vessels docked on  quay. Walk along the side of the quay and then follow it left towards South Quay DLR station. Cross over the bridge and then head back up towards the main dock and the follow it along the South Quay – noting how the financial district changes.

Cross the bridge into West Wintergardens and then out into Canary Wharf – the heart of this financial district.

Its worth going on the detour along Heron Quay and then heading left around Jessop Square  to West India Dock South. Walk around the edge of this dock and you will be rewarded with some  good views of the financial district – especially along  Marsh Wall.

After looking around canary Wharf, (or visiting the huge shopping centre), head off right across Jubilee Park and then across Montgomery Square to Montgomery Street. Turn left and then follow the road until you get to The South Colonnade. If you didn’t do the detour in part 3 then you can turn right here t and you will be just above Blackwall Basin and Billingsgate Market. From The North Colonnade  head west (left) and onto Canada Square and its green space. Again there is plenty to do and see in this area. Head south west across the square and then along The South Colonnade until you end up at Canary Wharf at Reuters Plaza.

Walk along the north side of West India Dock (Nash Place) until you come to Cubitt Steps which is at the bottom of Carbot Square.

This is the end point for this stage of the Across London Route.