London_grasses-3 Alpine garden

12 Images of London Grasses – Study

This is a post on a photographic theme that can be found in various places around London rather than a specific area.

It’s always worth having a few photographic focus areas in your kit bag when you are visiting somewhere,  as it helps you spot photographic opportunities and exercises the mind and your eyes. I must admit that mine are driven mostly by the assignments that I am given  as part of my course, – and you will see a few of these during the course of the year.

England is known for its’ green and pleasant lands’ and neat lawns,  and this study focus on the different grass shapes and forms that can make interesting photographs whenever you visit gardens parks or any of the many open spaces.   Most of the photographs came from Kew Gardens in West London and from Regents Park in central London, but they can often be found in other areas.

© Philip Carey 2010