London Runs and Photo Routes - View from Hermitage Riverside Memorial gardens

12 Images from Wapping High Street Area – East London

London Runs and Photo Routes -Wapping High Street Area – East London


Wapping lies to the east of Tower Bridge in the City of London and is well worth a visit as it is so different from the main part of the city. 

Wapping High Street and Wapping Wall is a fascinating area to explore as many features can still be found that date back to the time when these streets were lined with working warehouses, wharves, pubs and all the associated life that went with the proximity of Wapping to the River Thames.

Wapping is situated on the north bank of the River Thames along the ancient thoroughfare simply called The Highway. Wapping’s proximity to the river has given it a strong maritime character, which it retains through its riverside public houses and steps, such as the Prospect of Whitby and Wapping Stairs.

The area has a rich variety photographic interest ranging from canals, pubs, churches, and the Tobacco Docks. In the mornings it is best to start at Wapping High Street tube and work your way west towards Tower Bridge, as the sun will be behind you.

These London Runs and Photo Routes are a great way of getting to know London, for seeing London’s best sights, and for photographing London.

By doing this London photo early in the morning, you can get to know London quickly and see it at its best – all for free.

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wapping map
wapping map

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