London Runs and Photo Routes - View from The top Of Greenwich park towards Docklands

The 12 Best Viewpoints Around Greenwich Park London

London Runs and Photo Routes –  The 12  Best Viewpoints  Around Greenwich Park London

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park was one of the first parks I ever went to as a child, and it holds special memories which grow on each visit. One of the most lasting of these memories is the view of London from the top of Greenwich Park. However, there are lots of other areas within and around the park that give some great alternative views of the London and I have selected some of my favourites. As you will also notice, Greenwich Park provides the best view of the river and its river traffic both upstream and downstream and so was a perfect strategic spot for the Navy.

Greenwich Facts

Here are some facts about Greenwich Park that might also be of interest to you:-

  • Greenwich has always been strongly associated with royalty since the land was inherited by Henry V’s brother (the Duke of Gloucester) in 1427. However, there has been a settlement here since Roman times
  • Henry VIII was born here, and it was he who introduced deer into the park – which today can still be seen in south east corner of the park.
  • Greenwich Park covers 73 hectares (183 acres) and is the oldest enclosed Royal Park
  • Today Greenwich is a World Heritage Site, and Greenwich Park provides a setting for several historic buildings, including the Old Royal Observatory, the Royal Naval College, the National Maritime Museum and the Queen’s House. Sir Christopher Wren was commissioned to build The Royal Observatory, named Flamsteed House after the first Royal Astronomer
  • The park was laid out in the French style in the 1600’s with many trees planted, some of which remain today. James I gave the Palace and the park to his wife, Queen Anne, and Inigo Jones designed her house – Queen’s House.
  • The Trafalgar Tavern on the waterside is one of the most historic pubs in the area, and was once frequented by Thackeray, Dickens and friends who all enjoyed the tavern’s most famous dish – whitebait caught straight from the Thames!
  • Greenwich Park is also the start of the London Marathon, and it is on this day that you will be able to witness the worlds longest line of portable toilets.
These London Runs and Photo Routes are a great way of getting to know London, for seeing London’s best sights, and for photographing London.
By doing this London photo early in the morning, you can get to know London quickly and see it at its best – all for free.
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