View of Tower Bridge from outside the Old Billingsgate market

12 Photographs from around Customs House (River Front) – City of London

This photo area stretches from the north side of London Bridge to the edge of the Tower of London along the water front, and provides some great view of the river and some of London’s more modern sites such as City Hall and the Shard. it is the sort of place where you can come at any time and find something to photograph, and then go off and explore the numerous  sites just north of the Thames. The only real problem with this location will be the sun’s position, (when it shines), which will be in front of you unless you go in the early morning/evening during the summer months. This also means that the sun will not normally be shining directly on the front of the buildings on the southern side!

The principal buildings of interest on the northern side include the Old Billingsgate market,  Customs House, the Northern and Shell building and St Magnus the Martyr church.

Old Billingsgate Market

Old Billingsgate Market was originally the site of the famous 19th century Billingsgate Fish Market, which became the world’s largest fish market. Today the original building  it is now a hospitality and events venue, but it is still a beautiful building

The first Billingsgate Market building was constructed on Lower Thames Street in 1850 by the builder John Jay, and the fish market was moved off the streets into its new riverside building. This was demolished in around 1873 and replaced by an arcaded market hall designed by City architect Horace Jones and built by John Mowlem & Co. in 1875, the building that still stands on the site today.

Custom House

The first Custom House in London was built in 1275 and was located near Billingsgate Market in the City of London.The current building dates from 1814 and is still occupied by HM Revenue and Customs

St Magnus is the guild church of the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers and the Worshipful Company of Plumbers and the ward church of the Ward of Bridge and Bridge Without.

The church is dedicated to St Magnus the Martyr, the earl of Orkney, who died on 16 April in or around 1116

Many authors have referred to St Magnus’s prominent location and beauty. In Oliver Twist Charles Dickens notes how, as Nancy heads for her secret meeting with Mr. Brownlow and Rose Maylie on London Bridge

The Northern and Shell building is the post modern blue building which is a great structure to photograph. Northern & Shell owns four national newspapers and is a 50 per cent joint venture partner in two more in Ireland. In Channel 5 the company owns one of Britain’s leading national terrestrial television networks. It is also at the forefront of digital media as a key stakeholder in YouView, the world’s leading internet television service

St Magnus House This sixties block is named after the nearby St Magnus Church, one of the 51 parish churches rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London.

customs house map

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