Regents Canal --by Camden Market

18 Images of Camden Town Circular Route – Part 1 Camden Town to Primrose Hill

This months route takes you on a circuit around Camden Town via Primrose Hill.

Starting from Camden Town Underground station, head north up Camden High Road and take in the different styles of shops, people and architecture. There are a number of markets and attractions – including some unusual shop front displays –  that will distract you as you head towards the bridge over the canal at Camden Lock. It is worth spending time around Camden Lock and the markets, but save your purchases for your return. There are lots of great places to eat around Camden Lock including food stalls – the nearest we get to a hawker centre.

Head west along Regents Canal taking the right hand bank. The area changes very quickly and becomes almost tranquil with the barges and the water in the canal. When you get to the third bridge you have a choice of routes.

Primary Route. For variety, (or if the gate is locked), take the small ramped exit on your right, and then turn right onto Gloucester Avenue. This is a residential area and has some typical Victorian buildings. Take the first left by the ‘Engineer’ and onto Princess Road with its uniques set of shops and houses. Follow this until you get to St Marks Church and turn right onto Regents Park Avenue until you get to the Primrose Hill which is an open park. Take the path to the top of the hill and enjoy the views.  This is the end point for this section of route.

Secondary route. If you want to continue along the canal then carry straight on and  continue past St Marks Church to the canal’s Cumberland Basin where the canal takes a sharp right turn. Head away from the canal  and then west along Prince Albert Road until you come to Primrose Hill on your right hand side by Albert Terrace. head up towards the top of primrose Hill and enjoy the views.

Background to the area

Camden Town was originally a small  residential district  and was originally part of the manor of Kentish Town. The town became an important location during the early development of the railways and the expansion of the  networks. Its industrial areas has been replaced by retail, tourism and entertainment, including a number of internationally known markets and music venues that are strongly associated with alternative culture.

Primrose Hill is a hill which ist 256 feet (78 m) high and located on the northern side of Regent’s Park. The hill has a clear view of central London to the south-east, as well as Belsize Park and Hampstead to the north. It is one of the most exclusive and expensive residential areas in London.

Like Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill was once part of a great ‘chase’ during the time of  Henry VIII.  In 1841, it became Crown property, and an Act of Parliament secured the land as public open space.

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