Brompton Cemetery View 11

12 Images from Within Brompton Cemetery – West London

Brompton Cemetery

London has a few cemeteries that are worth a visit, and this one is in the west of London.

Brompton Cemetery, opened in June 1840, and is one of the Britain’s oldest and most distinguished garden cemeteries. Some 35,000 monuments, from simple headstones to substantial mausolea, now mark the resting place of more than 205,000 burials.

Because the cemetery faces in a north westerly direction, my favourite route is to come from Stamford Bridge underground station and enter by the southern entrance (past Chelsea football club). The sun is generally behind you as walk up the middle of the cemetery towards West Brompton underground station.  I will be visiting this site again during the winter on a foggy day to see how the weather changes the mood of the place.

Brompton cemetery map
Brompton cemetery map

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